Sidney Street Corridor

Property Location:
Sidney Street from Maple Drive to Bell Boulevard

Sidney St, Ontario

$1.4 Million (does not include construction)

Spring 2016

Design/Property Acquisition/Utility Relocation: 2018 Construction: Fall 2019 (pending budget approval)

Currently Acquiring Property/Utility Relocation

Project Manager

Deanna O'Leary

613-967-3200 x3527


Project Details

During the 2017 Capital Budget process this project was amended and expanded to include the Tracey Street and Tracey Park Drive intersection realignment and widening of Sidney Street between Tracey Street and Bell Boulevard including the Sidney Street / Bell Boulevard intersection. This expanded project was included in 2017 Capital Projects.

This stage of the project involves property acquisition and utility relocations for the reconstruction of the Sidney Street intersections with Bell Boulevard and Tracey Street / Tracey Park Drive and the widening of Sidney Street between the two intersections.

This would be followed by utility relocations and subsequent construction on the Sidney Street Corridor from Maple Drive to Bell Boulevard (including the replacement of watermain from Maple Drive northerly and the resurfacing of Sidney Street from Maple Drive to Tracey Street).

Property acquisition for the project is ongoing. Utility relocations are anticipated to be completed in 2018.  A construction budget will be put before Belleville City Council for consideration during Capital Budget discussions for 2019. Construction would follow in 2019 (pending budget approval).

Project Files

Sidney Street Corridor Improvements (Bell Boulevard to Tracey Street) Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Report - March 16, 2015

Appendix A - Traffic Analysis Report

Appendix B - Natural Heritage Evaluation

Appendix C - Tree Inventory and Assessment

Appendix D - Stage 1 Archeological Assessment

Appendix E - Heritage Impact Assessment

Appendix F - Geo-technical Investigation

Appendix G - Detailed Evaluation Matrices For Alternatives

Appendix H - Preliminary Design Drawing

Appendix I - List of Stakeholders

Appendix J - Project Notices

Appendix K - Project Correspondence

Appendix L - Public Information Centre Summary

Appendix M - Public Information Centre - Part 1

Appendix M - Public Information Centre - Part 2

Appendix M - Public Information Centre - Part 3

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