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On behalf of my colleagues on Belleville City Council, we would like to thank the Citizens of Belleville for their unwavering support. It is an absolute honour to serve the residents of this great City.  During our tenure on Council, we promise to lead this City with the utmost honesty, integrity and transparency.

As your Mayor, I vow to build our future together with safe, responsible growth. I believe it is not only essential to build a more affordable community, but also to find innovative and creative solutions to fund imperative future improvements. I am looking forward to taking a more collaborative approach in building the future of Belleville together.

I have called Belleville home for the last 17 years and there is no other place I would rather be. It is my privilege to lead our City over the course of the next four years as your Mayor. I am truly thrilled with our Belleville City Council and I am sure that you will be too!

Thank you for visiting our website and I hope that you will continue to do so to receive up-to-date information about your City.

With sincere regards,


Mitch Panciuk
Mayor,City of Belleville


Mitch Panciuk



Sarah Tummon-Button

Coordinator of Mayor & Council Services


Nuala Larwood

Assistant to the Coordinator of Mayor & Council Services

613-967-3200 ext. 3538

Martha McSherry

Special Projects Assistant

613-967-3200 ext. 3251

Marilyn Warren

Communications Coordinator

613-967-3200 ext. 3263

Jenna Leslie

Communications & Social Media Assistant

613-967-3200 ext. 3261

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