Bell Creek Bridge Rehabilitation

Property Location:
3942 Old Kingston Road

Old Kingston Rd, Belleville


Project Completed

Summer 2017

Project Manager

Barry Simpson

613-967-3200 ext. 3508


Project Details

Completion of the detailed investigations of this structure in early 2016 revealed that the structure was in better condition than anticipated with the exception of the guiderail and barrier system. 

With thought being given to possibly reconstructing and widening Old Highway 2 in the area of this bridge possibly in the not too distant future it was suggested a limited rehabilitation could be undertaken to address the guiderail and barrier system and some other smaller repair items to rehabilitate the structure for 5 to 10 years when the structure could be further rehabilitated and possibly widened to meet the needs of any planned reconstruction/widening of Old Hwy 2.  The proposed interm rehabilitation work consisted of repairing or replacing the barrier system, repairing the undermining below the approach curb and gutter, replacement of  hazard signs and replacement of the existing approach guiderail.

This Project is now completed.

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