Bridge Street West Cycling Facilities

Property Location:
Bridge Street West


Phase 3: 2019

Phase 1: July 2018. Phase 2: September 2018

Phase 1 and 2 complete. Phase 3 scheduled for 2019.

Project Manager

Deanna O'Leary


Project Details

The City's Transportation Master Plan, 2014 has identified a recommended cycling network to accommodate and promote active transportation.  This includes a recommended cycling route along all of Bridge Street.  Bike Lanes on Bridge Street East from Church Street to Haig Road were installed in 2017.
A Public Meeting was held November 2, 2017 to present various alternatives for the Bridge Street West Cycling Facilities to achieve a route from Downtown Belleville to Loyalist College. The preferred route based on public feedback is being implemented in phases.

Phase 1: Active Transportation Path – Yeomans Street to Centennial Park
Phase 1 was completed in July 2018. A new paved in-boulevard Active Transportation Path has been constructed on Bridge Street West from Yeomans Street to Centennial Park. The Phase 1 section connects to the Yeomans Street bike lanes in the east and the existing trail through Centennial Park in the west. This project was partially funded by the Government of Ontario through Climate Action Plan funding made available through the Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Program. Its purpose is to support greenhouse gas reduction by supporting increase in commuter cycling.

Phase 2: On-Street Bicycle Lanes: Avondale Road, Harder Drive, Palmer Road; Shared Roadways: Kensington Crescent, Grosvenor Avenue, Catharine Street
Phase 2 was completed in conjunction with the City’s 2018 on-street bicycle lanes and shared roadways. Line painting and sign installations were completed in September 2018.

Phase 3: Active Transportation Path – Meagher Place to Avonlough Road
Phase 3 will feature a paved, lit, off-road asphalt trail through an existing City owned right-of-way to Avonlough Road (back of Loyalist College). Phase 3 is currently under design with construction planned for 2019.

Project Files

Open House Display Material - Bridge Street West Cycling - November 2, 2017

Bridge Street West Cycling Facilities Preferred Alignment

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