Environmental Assessment & Preliminary Design - Sidney St and College St W Intersection Improvements

Property Location:
Sidney St/College St W Intersection and Sidney St from College St W southerly approx. 250m to the CNR Rail Bridge


September 2018

May 2019

Consulting assignment was awarded in September 2018. Municipal Class Environmental Assessment has commenced.

Project Manager

Barry Simpson

613-697-3200 ext.3508


Project Details

This project is for an Environmental Assessment and Preliminary Design for improvements for the Sidney Street/College Street West intersection and Sidney Street south of the intersection to the bridge over the CN Railway. There are no dedicated turning lanes for north/southbound traffic on Sidney Street and traffic volumes and turning movements have increased substantially over time. Sidney Street is a major north-south arterial road and turning lanes are desirable to improve intersection capacity and safety.

It is envisioned the project will include widening of Sidney Street at the College Street intersection to provide dedicated left and right turn lanes as well as two through lanes for northbound traffic and a dedicated left turn lane and two through lanes for southbound traffic. In addition a centre two way left turn lane will be investigated for Sidney Street south of the intersection to the bridge over the CN Railway.

Project Files

Notice of Study Commencement and PIC1

Draft Study Design Report

Public Information Centre 1 - Display Boards - October 24, 2018

Public Information Centre 2 Notice May 2, 2019

Public Information Centre 2 - Display Boards - May 2, 2019

Public Information Centre 2 Summary Report

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