Haig Road - Station Street Extension

Property Location:
Unopened Road allowance between Haig Rd & Oak Ridge Blvd intersection & Station St. & Farley Ave. intersection.


May 2018

December 2018

Contract was awarded in March 2018, Currently under construction with a completion date Fall 2018

Project Manager

Barry Simpson

613-697-3200 ext.3508


Project Details

The extension of Haig Road and Station Street has long been planned as a requirement for the City dating back to the Transportation Plan from the City’s 1975 Official Plan. In the 1980’s planning for the development of the “Stanley Park” area was undertaken by developers and the extension of Haig Road and Station Street were both planned for and accommodated in this plan in accordance with the City’s Official Plan.

In 2014 the City began a Schedule ‘B’ Municipal Class Environmental Assessment to confirm the project need and justification, document existing environmental conditions, examine alternatives and define the roadway design.  The Municipal Class Environmental Assessment was completed in 2015. At the end of 2017 the detailed design of the project was completed.

The work shall consist of an approximate 1.3 km extension of Haig Road and Station Street from Oak Ridge Boulevard to Farley Avenue.  The approximate 700 m extension of Haig Road shall be constructed to an urban standard with concrete sidewalk, cycling lanes, curb and gutter and storm sewers.  The remaining 600 m extension of Station Street shall be constructed to a rural cross section with cycling lanes and open roadside ditches.

Project Files

Environmental Assessment Report

Open House Display Material - Haig Road and Station Street Extension - January 11, 2018

Plant List with Photos

Final Landscape Plan

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