Herchimer Avenue Reconstruction

Property Location:
Herchimer Avenue (south of Dundas Street East to Keegan Parkway)

Revised to $5,900,000


Utility Construction Work - Nearing completion

Project Manager

Barry Simpson


Project Details

This project is the reconstruction of Herchimer Avenue from Dundas Street East to Keegan Parkway.  This section of Herchimer Avenue provides a link between Dundas Street East and the East Bay Shore Trail, however there are no sidewalks and pedestrians must walk on the shoulders of the road.  Drainage is accommodated by open ditches with the west ditch experienceing frequent washouts and other damage due to high flows during heavy rain events.  Maintenance of the west ditch and culverts are an ongoing operational issue and concern.

Watermains and sanitary sewers are older infrastructure and will require repair or replacement.  The signalized intersection at Dundas Street east and Herchimer Avenue has pedestrian crosswalks on two legs of the intersection and left turn lanes on Dundas Street East provide only minimal storage for left turn vehicles.

The proposed project includes:

  • New road with curb and gutters
  • New storm sewer (to eliminate ditches)
  • New Storm Water Management pond to treat storm water before discharging into the Bay of Quinte
  • New 1.5m concrete sidewalk along west side between Dundas Street East and Keegan Parkway
  • Repair of sanitary sewers
  • Replacement of watermains
  • Upgrade of the level crossing for the road and new sidewalk
  • Reconstruction of the signalized intersection at Dundas Street East and Herchimer Avenue to provide turning lanes and pedestrian crosswalks on all four legs of the intersection

Project Update

  • Utility Construction Work – Nearing completion
  • CP Railway Crossing Improvements – Waiting on approval of Transport Canada funding application
  • Road and Sewer Work to start Spring 2019

Project Files

Public Information Centre Boards - November 22, 2016

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