Latta Bridge Rehabilitation

Property Location:
Latta Dr., Hoskin Rd. & Scuttlehole Rd. (0.2 km west of Bronk Rd.).

$1,200,000 (Construction only)

September 2018

Construction contract was awarded in March. Construction is approaching completion.

Project Manager

Barry Simpson


Project Details

The recommended rehabilitation option is a concrete deck overlay which would extend the life of the structure for another 25 years.

The ovelay rehabilitation will include:  a 50 mm scarifying of the concrete deck and approach slabs, concrete patch repairs on the deck, parapet walls, abutments, wingwalls, retaining walls, piers, girders, curbs and sidewalk, a 60 mm concrete overlay on the deck and approach slabs, waterproofing and paving of the deck and approach slabs, replacement of the expansion joints, replacement of bearings and new steel beam guide rails at the approaches.

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