Mineral Road and Maitland Drive Reconstruction and Servicing Extension

Property Location:
Mineral Road and Maitland Drive - HWY 62 to Farnham Road


April 2018

Fall 2019

Construction 2018 - 2019

Project Manager

Deanna O'Leary


Project Details

Mineral Road

This project is the reconstruction of Mineral Road to extend Municipal Services from Millennium Drive to Maitland Drive.  Servicing studies for the Cannifton Secondary Plan Area have identified Mineral Road as being a major sanitary sewer servicing corridor for a new trunk sanitary sewer,  This trunk sewer is necessary to service lands north of Maitland Drive between Highway 62 and Farnham Road.  The existing drainage ditch from Parks Drive northerly outlet onto private property along the west side of Mineral road.  It is necessary to redirect and convey the drainage to a proper outlet.

Maitland Drive

This project involves the reconstruction of Maitland Drive between Highway 62 and Farnham Road.  Maitland Drive will be reconstructed to urban standards including widening for a two way shared center left turn lane, street lighting and sidewalks.  Sanitary and watermain will be installed to support the continued development of the Cannifton Secondary Plan area and a storm sewer will be installed to eliminate roadside ditches.

The Maitland Drive/Farnham Road intersection is currently a four way stop controlled intersection and traffic volumes are increasing as growth and development in the area continues.  Traffic impact studies completed have identified the need for intersection improvements. Through the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process, a roundabout was selected as the technically preferred alternative for this intersection.   A roundabout is included in the construction plans for this intersection.

Project Update

  • The groundbreaking ceremony was held on Monday, April 23, 2018 (see Project Files for Media Release).
  • The contract for construction was awarded to K. Mulrooney Trucking by City Council on March 26, 2018.
  • Watermain, storm, and sanitary sewers were installed in 2018 on Mineral Road and Maitland Drive between Mineral Road and Parks Drive. Curbs, sidewalks and base course asphalt have been placed in these sections as well. Please note Contractor presence in these areas will continue in 2019 for surface asphalt paving, landscaping and miscellaneous cleanup. 
  • Construction has resumed for 2019. This year’s construction includes work on Maitland Drive from Highway 62 to Mineral Road and on Maitland Drive from Parks Drive to Farnham Road including construction of a roundabout at the Maitland Drive / Farnham Road intersection .
  • Your continued patience and cooperation during this project is appreciated.

Project Files

Media Release-Groundbreaking

Notice of Study Completion

Environmental Assessment Report – Part 1

Environmental Assessment Report – Part 2

Mineral Road and Maitland Drive - Project Notice - March 2019

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