North Front Street - Resurfacing

Property Location:
Craig Street to Tracey Street


Project Completed

November 2017

Project Details

North Front Street - Craig Street to Tracey Street

The Contecting Links Program Funding Application for North Front Street Minor Rehablilitation.  This section was identified in the 2015 Roads Needs Study as ranked 27 and 30 of 336 and recommended for the "Resurfacing Program."  

It should be noted that 11 sections ranked higher and are at various project stages. Pavement condition and ride quality within this section required that something be done soon to address the deteriorating pavement contiditons, recognizing that this is a short term.  It was recommened that the CIty proceed with Submitting a Connecting Link Program funding application for the North Front Street Minor Rehabilitation project and include the City's share of the costs.

This Project is Completed. 

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