Northeast Industrial Park - Road & Sidewalk Upgrades

Property Location:
Northeast Industrial Park

$5 Million

Design - Summer 2015 - Spring 2016

Phase 1 (Road Rehabilitation and Bike Lanes): Completed - Summer 2017

Utility relocations starting summer 2018. Construction to follow in 2019

Project Manager

Denis Pianarosa


Project Details

The City of Belleville has allocated funds in the Build Belleville program for upgrades to the Northeast Industrial Park.  The Project will be done in two phases and will include the rehabilitation of roads as part of Phase 1 and the construction of new sidewalks, pathways and bicycle lanes in Phase 2.

Phase 1 - Road Surface Rehabilitation (September - November 2016)

The first phase of the Northeast Industrial Park project will address the considerable deterioration of roads in the park and the potential impact this can have on the trans-shipment of goods to businesses in the area.  Roads in the industrial park that are scheduled for rehabilitation and repaving during this phase include: Adam Street, University Avenue, Jamieson Bone Road, Lahr Drive and part of College Street East. - from University Avenue to east of Jamieson Bone Road.  Also included in Phase 1 is the addition of on-street bike lanes on Adam Street and College Street East.

Phase 2 - Active Transportation Improvements (Completion 2019)

Utility relocations starting in 2018 and construction to start following completion of utility relocations, and receipt of CNR and Transport Canada approvals for railway crossings.

Project Update

  • Phase 1 - roadway rehabilitation on college Street East, Adam Street, Lahr Drive, University Avenue and Jamieson Bone Road - was completed in June 2017.
  • Design for the sidewalks and pathways (Phase 2) is being finalized with CNR.
  • Utility relocation works to accommodate the multi-use path and sidewalks are being coordinated. Once Utility relocations are completed and CNR approvals are received the works can be tendered for construction in 2019.  The Construction Timeline for Phase 2 has been updated accordingly.

Project Files

Public Information Centre - June 28 2016

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