Sidney Street Corridor

Property Location:
Sidney Street from Maple Drive to Bell Boulevard

Sidney St, Ontario


Fall 2019

Design / Property Acquisition / Utility Relocation: 2019 Construction: 2021

Currently Completing Utility Relocations and Detail Design

Project Manager

Deanna O'Leary


Project Details

A Municipal Class Environmental Assessment and preliminary design was completed in 2015 for Sidney Street from Tracey Street / Tracey Park Drive to Bell Boulevard. Based on the preferred option resulting from the Environmental Assessment, this project includes:

  • Reconstruction and widening of the Sidney Street / Bell Boulevard intersection to add dedicated turn lanes on each approach to accommodate traffic growth.
  • Widening of Sidney Street between Bell Boulevard and Tracey Street to add a centre two-way left turn lane to assist traffic turning into the many entrances along this corridor. 
  • Realignment of the Sidney Street / Tracey Street / Tracey Park Drive intersection to eliminate the “jog” between both legs of the intersection and to add dedicated left turn lanes for traffic on Sidney Street.
  • Replacement of the watermain and asphalt resurfacing from Maple Drive to Bell Boulevard.
  • This Sidney Street Corridor – Bell Boulevard to Maple Drive project was included in 2017 Capital Projects. Since then, property acquisition, utility relocations and detail design work have been ongoing.

Project Update

  • Relocation of a major pole line and accompanying underground duct work is anticipated to be completed in Spring 2019.
  • $7,250,000 was approved for construction in the City’s 2019 Capital Budget.
  • Detail design and approvals are being finalized.
  • Construction to start Fall 2019.

Project Files

Sidney Street Corridor Improvements (Bell Boulevard to Tracey Street) Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Report - March 16, 2015

Appendix A - Traffic Analysis Report

Appendix B - Natural Heritage Evaluation

Appendix C - Tree Inventory and Assessment

Appendix D - Stage 1 Archeological Assessment

Appendix E - Heritage Impact Assessment

Appendix F - Geo-technical Investigation

Appendix G - Detailed Evaluation Matrices For Alternatives

Appendix H - Preliminary Design Drawing

Appendix I - List of Stakeholders

Appendix J - Project Notices

Appendix K - Project Correspondence

Appendix L - Public Information Centre Summary

Appendix M - Public Information Centre - Part 1

Appendix M - Public Information Centre - Part 2

Appendix M - Public Information Centre - Part 3

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