Strachan Street, South Park Street & Cameron Street Sewer Separation & Road Reconstruction Project

Strachan St, Belleville


March 2018

August 2018

Currently under construction with a completion date August 2018.

Project Manager

Jack Bouwman


Project Details

The City is committed to remove all combined sewers.  Presently storm water is directed to the sanitary sewer on Strachan Street.  This project will move forward with this commitment by installing new separate storm and sanitary sewer.  

  • Strachan Street, South Park and Cameron Street will be reconstructed with new asphalt paving and concrete curb and gutter.
  • A new storm sewer system will replace the existing system in place.
  • Approximately 40m of existing watermain will be replaced on Strachan Street and South Park Street; to include new water services to property line.
  • Existing Sanitary sewer will be repaired with new services installed to the property line.

Project Files

Open House Display Material - Project Boards - August 23, 2017

Open House Display Material - Project Drawings - August 23, 2017

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