Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

Property Location:
169 Front Street, Belleville Ontario

169 Front Street, Belleville

Updated 2016: Master Plan/EA: $1.0M. Upgrade project(s) will be determined through Master Plan/EA process. (Original $12.5M)

Environmental Assessment: Summer 2016

Environmental Assessment/Master Plan: Spring 2019 (Updated September 2017)

Construction: Timeline to be established by Environmental Assessment

Project Manager

Stan Czyczyro


Project Details

Since 2010 staff have been working with the Ontario Clean Water Agency and Engineering Consultants to optimize the operations of the existing plant.  This project involves the design on an initial strategy that results from the 2010 Wet Weather Managements Alternatives, Master Plan, Environmental Assessment, and the construction of the initial alternative.

The Master Plan will assess various options to improve the performance and reliability of the wastewater treatment and sewage collection systems to ensure they can be relied upon to manage wet weather flows and accommodate current and future wastewater flows generated within the City.

Project Status

  • Work is continuing on schedule with the delivery and review of reports and other project information.
  • A flow monitoring program of the sanitary sewer collection system has started and flow meters were installed in March.  Flows and data will be collected over the next three months to assist in evaluating the sanitary sewer collection system.
  • The consultant has completed a detailed inspection and assessment of the wastewater treatment plant.
  • The Public and Agency consultation process began in August 2017 and a Public Information Centre will be held in late 2018 to discuss preferred solutions.

Project Documents Below

Project Files

Notice of Study Commencement - Information can be made available in an alternative format upon request.

Public Information Centre Notice - July 25, 2019

Public Information Centre - Display Boards - July 25, 2019

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